7. Order window “Order window”

Resonance Trading Technology crypto terminal

In the top trading menu

Order window:

  • Balance – available balance will change if you press “Buy” “Sell
  • Show My Limit Orders – displays your limit orders in the list of orders
  • Sell – to sell
  • Buy – buy
  • Type – order type
    • Limit – order that is placed on the list and is awaiting execution at the selected price
    • Market – order that is executed on the first Ask / Bid limit order in the list
    • Best – algorithmic type of limit order, it always moves your limit in the queue for satoshi forward
    • Best (soft) – algorithmic type of limit order, it moves your limit to the first Ask / Bid bids
  • Price – price at which you want to set a limit order
  • Amount – number of coins in the order
  • Volume % – setting the volume for the transaction as a percentage of the deposit
  • Total – amount in coin


At the bottom of the order book

  • Asks – applications for sale (figures are prices)
  • Volume – volume of applications at the current price
  • Bids – purchase requisitions (numbers are prices)
  • In the gray zone the volumes in the order book and in the middle – the spread in% and in the price
  • Last price This is the price of the last transaction in the currency of the coin and next in USDT or TUSD
  • Order Book Depth – the number of displayed lines in the order book