4. Top menu

Resonance Trading Technology crypto terminal

  • Symbol – display of the list of quotes
  • Step – Price step (changes the price step, respectively, the grouping of the volume in the cluster and the mountain histogram)
  • Button Reload/Load chart – This button loads the graph (used when changing the range or if the graph does not load after selecting a cortical selection)

If you can’t see the graphics, there is an inscription Loading on the top right … so wait

If there is no such label, and there is no graphic, click Reload chart

If the schedule still does not load, check the set date range.

  • 1, 5, 15, 30, H, H4, D – timeframes
  • Load range selection window:
    • “Т” sets the current date at the beginning of the range
    • 1.11.2018 start date of graphics visualization
    • 1.11.2018 end date of graphics visualization
    • “Т” sets the current date at the end of the range
  • Order window – transaction window and order book (Level 2)
  • Trade info – window for viewing balances / open orders / transaction history

Terminal menu:

Resonance Trading Technology crypto terminal

  • Windows
  • Settings
  • Bots
  • Info
  • Ticker Info
  • Calendar
  • News
  • PRO Feature