14. Hippo search engine

Hippo is a search engine for large limit orders in order book

Resonance Trading Technology crypto terminal hippo bot

The Hippo window has several blocks:

  • Top menu management and filtering
  • Below is a table with the results
  • Buttons (BAS and SP) launch details from the BAS and SpeedPrint tools

Top Menu:

  • Monitoring Depth – estimated range of limit order analysis-
  • Hippo Depth – Distance to Best Bid / Ask
  • Market Filter – filter by asset
  • Delta Filter – current signal size over average
  • Distance, % <= – distance in percent to best price
  • On Top – locks the window on top of other windows
  • Date From: – To: – selection of loadable range
  • Button Load History – loading signal history by selected range
  • Button Clean History – clearing the table of all results
  • Signals count – signal counter


Results table:

  • Signal Time – signal arrival time
  • Market – a pair of coins where the signal was formed
  • Ask/Bid – in which zone appeared limit order
  • Depth – at what distance from the Best Bid / Ask limit order appeared
  • Volume – limit order amount in coins
  • Av.Volume – average signal volume
  • Price – price on which appeared limit order
  • Best Price – best BID / ASK order price
  • Distance, % <= – distance in percent to best price
  • Base Volume – limit order amount in base currency BTC / ETH / USDT / BNB
  • Base – base currency BTC / ETH / USDT / BNB


  • Line below Last signal (UTC): – shows the time of the last UTC signal

Updated in real time.

Clicking twice in the table on the line, this currency pair will open in the terminal.

Principle of operation

According to Monitoring Depth, the average size of a limit order is calculated yesterday, today all limit orders are compared to yesterday’s average value, and if today’s limit order is more than the average yesterday, a signal appears on the plate.

Load History loads data on the selected range, while deleting the data previously loaded, if the dates of the ranges match.