Examples of trade situations

The market is an amazing thing. Part 1

All you need is a little time to do the analysis.

A systematic approach to do this every day.

Some money to make deals.

The market is simpler than it seems.

Analysis of the obvious market situation in which there is no indicator, and not a drop of fortune-telling.

From 18/02/2019 traded in a fairly narrow range, until 23.02.2019.
Since 04.02.2019 the number of ASK orders has grown, it can be seen on the right, white, chart. Red line.
However, please note that from February 21, 2019, the number of ASK orders began to decline sharply, without being accompanied by almost any change in BID orders.
This means only one thing: the book of orders is being unloaded and the likelihood of growth increases with each new decrease in the number of ASK orders.
02/24/2019 there was an increase. However, contrary to the classics, the growth of ASK orders did not happen, and this indicates further potential.
02.26.2019 one more increase. And as we can see, ASK orders are still not enough.

Conclusions: either we will catch the third rise, or all the same ASK orders in the glass will increase. I dont know. ) But I will follow.