Examples of trade situations

“On the sly”

How attentive are you?

In the sense of: how attentive are you to comments?

Better like this: How well do you notice anything?

Notice that you remarkably notice the comments. )


Someone will say that I have too much free time … But I will say differently: I am always looking for relationships. But, so that it could be confirmed and argued objectively.

We can see the whole picture only if we look at the whole picture. (obviously)

Provided that we have confirmed 100% that this is really a holistic picture, and not just its segment.

However, how to be objective, making a subjective conclusion?

First of all, chat with the college.

It is desirable to have different points of view. But not to ask questions in the forehead, but to come up with leading questions, building a logical chain.

What would people answer questions, come to a common conclusion, and did not argue like a flock of stupid “sheep”. And for this you need to know the theory.

For example, there is a certain coin, a cryptocurrency, which I became interested in because, naturally, there was a signal. ) And yes in FTT. ) Where else? )))

As you remember, I am interested in various abnormal situations.

In your opinion, is the situation worthy of attention?

In your opinion, the situation is quite abnormal, what would go into the position?



Input data:

On the TRXBTC (OKEx) pair, a cluster appears, with a volume of 300 thousand dollars, with a daily turnover of this pair, in a million dollars. It seems like nothing, but not in the 15 minute candle, Carl.

And vividly standing out among a large number of neighbors.

Of course, it was Sunday, and everyone predicted the closure of the bitcoin gap. Growth on any. )

Bitcoin Jan2019


I carefully reviewed the rest of the liquidity of the pair, using the coinmarketcap.

TRON Markets


And comparing the charts for all exchanges, I took for himself the option of “manipulation.” OKEx is too large a cluster. Next thing is small – buy.

TRXUSDT (Binance)


  • Arbitration algorithms help to “pour” so “knowledgeable” – the volume.
  • And they help me to define such a “knowledgeable”.
  • And modestly buy on another exchange. )

What is unusual in this situation?

1. And the fact that in a cluster the volume is larger than in all the book of orders.

2. The fact that in a cluster, not on the most liquid pair, a cluster was formed in size, with a cluster on the first, in terms of liquidity, pair. And I will note that there is a difference between them, 15 times.

The outcome of the situation is of course positive. + 10% growth.



Have you noticed something interesting for yourself?

Did you make a note?

I note that your note should be on your paper, and preferably in printed form on the wall above the monitor. Or where you can constantly notice the note.

What would this note have ingrained in your subconscious and reminded you that:

The price on all exchanges is the same (because the arbitration), but the history of the executed orders, all radically different.

Be wonderful! ) Profit you!