Examples of trade situations

Comprehensive analysis

To what get used a trader?

Look at one asset in the hope that he will fire again and make him gild.

What is a retrospective?

from lat. retrospectare “look back” – a look into the past.

When we talk about markets and traders, this is a psychological “problem” that needs to be addressed.

A trader who suffers from retrospective looks at a couple and tries to see new prerequisites for wild growth there. He connects new and new indicators. Reads news and different chats. He communicates with friends and asks others for advice about this asset naturally.

Horse died – get down!

For this reason, people buy an asset at the top of the pump. Where the organizers dump their volume.

How do we deal with the problem of retrospectives?

To begin with self-control.

Next – strategy.

To solve the problem of retrospective self-control, you need to know what to do. And for this you need to have a strategy, or at least a plan of action. So come on strategy.


People thought a lot of strategies, I don’t know which one you are using, or rather what set of actions you call a strategy, so I’ll just show you an example of one of the market inefficiencies when the “manipulator” is very visible.

VeChain (Binance)

I have an FTT tool that helps me deal with retrospective.

Every half an hour he shows me new opportunities, and I simply have no chance to think about past deals or missed opportunities.

FTT поисковик


I look through all the green lines in FTT. These are the lines where the pair volume is above average. So potentially a good area for movement. It does not matter, it is a long signal or short.

A good sign is the detection of a signal on an asset, over several pairs at once, preferably at the same time.

The search engine gave me a pair of VETETH and VETUSDT, on different timeframes, but at the same time. Now we look at the chart, but first look at the CMC to understand where and how much this asset is being traded.



65% VeChain trades on Binance. This means that all possible “manipulations” will take place on Binance.

By the word manipulation, I mean certain actions that can well affect the market. Say no! Conspiracy theories.



Yes, indeed, a significant amount in comparison with the previous liquidity.

Cumulative delta (line below), shows that limit buyers kept the price, which means there is a potential for growth.



There is more liquidity on this pair. And what I personally like is the fact that the signal candle has the same (relatively) volume as the pulsed candle before.

For this pair the same situation in the delta as in the previous pair, but here the price went a little lower.



Further at 6 am UTC+0, additional volume appears (signal).

And the asset continues to grow.



And about VETBTC



We see this volume, but I don’t really like assets with a value below 500 satosh, they are not particularly volatile and it’s almost hard to see the volume set.

It is difficult to see anything because of the small step of the price.


The trader has a problem. And this problem is psychological. There she is due to lack of knowledge. The sooner you start to fight it, the sooner you stop falling for the stupid foolish mistakes.

You can overcome the problem. Or independently or with the help of assistants. My experience (understanding of the problem) and FTT help me.

Those who thought that this problem does not concern him, I recommend turning off arrogance and pride. And turn on attentiveness. The sooner you start to notice it, the sooner it is decided.

Profit you!