What is RTT ?

RTT is Resonance Trading Technology trading terminal for a crypto trader. In which you can analyze trading volumes and make deals.

Can I trade through the terminal ?

Yes. In the terminal settings there is a separate menu where you can enter the API keys and then the terminal will be completely ready for trading.

How safe is it to store keys in a terminal? ?

Your API keys are stored locally. On your computer. We do not have access to them.

How to use RTT ?

The RTT terminal is intuitive, even for a beginner. However, the site has instructions for use, and in your account there are video tutorials.

What operating systems can a terminal be installed on? ?

So far, only Windows, but we are developing a cross-platform solution.

System requirements ?

The more productive the computer, the better.

Minimum system requirements:
CPU - Pentium 4 2.2Ghz
RAM - 2 Gb
HDD - 5 mb (1Gb for downloading history quotes)
OS - Windows 7 and above
NETFramework v4.7.1 Required

There is a mobile version of the platform ?

Not yet. But we are working.

Which exchanges are connected to RTT ?

1. Binance
2. Bittrex
3. Kuna.io (view only quotes)
4. OKEx (view only quotes)
5. Huobi
6. Poloniex (view only quotes)
7. Bitfinex
8. Kucoin
9. Coinbase

Cookies Policy ?

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Legal information (contracts and agreements) ?
Risk Notification ?

1. Trade risks

1.1. The company is not liable for losses incurred by the Client due to an erroneous choice of trading strategy or the Client’s neglect of the capital management rules.
2. Technical risks

2.1. The client assumes the risks associated with malfunctions of software, telecommunications equipment and other technical problems.

2.2. The company is not liable for losses incurred by the Client due to ignorance.

2.3. The client assumes the risk of making unplanned trading operations in the case of re-sending the order until the receipt of the processing result of the previous order.

2.4. The client is obliged to keep passwords and be convinced that third parties will not have access to the trading system. The Client will be bound by an obligation to the Company to bid using the Client’s password, even if it was used by a third party.

2.5. The client is aware that information transmitted in unencrypted form (by e-mail, instant messaging service) is not protected from unauthorized access.
3. Force majeure

3.1. The company is not liable for losses incurred by the Customer due to the occurrence of force majeure circumstances: military actions, terrorist attacks, natural disasters, suspension of trading in financial markets, currency interventions, government decisions, instability in financial markets with a sharp decrease in liquidity, and other significant changes working conditions of counterparties.

RTT cost ?

The terminal is completely free. Only additional functions of the terminal are paid. Detailed information in a private office.

What is in the advanced functionality ?

This includes search engines and protective orders that facilitate the work of the trader.

How can I pay additional functionality ?

Using cryptocurrency

Does not load chart (Mac OS / Parallels) ?

The program simply identifies the disk on which the RTT resides and creates a folder for the history of ticks at the root of this disk.
That is, if you, RTT unpacked into a folder such as C:/Program files/RTT, then the folder for the history will be C:/RTT_Data